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Hey Bella!


I am so thrilled to have you here.  With me, you will get to know some amazing locals in wine country.  Among them are peeps that I've met that have inspired me in life, love and career.   Together we will be exploring:


  • Wine Country Stories
  • Love, Life & Career Advice 
  • Napa Vale Favorite Books & Gadgets
Napa Vale Navigating Pregnancy After IVF Treatment Part1

What to do After Finding Out You’re Pregnant? Life After IVF

Preparing for pregnancy after IVF treatment is something I’ve been wanting to share. I never imagined how hard it would be to be pregnant. Moms ROCK!

Ronald Flores Photography Napa Vale Wendy & Ryan

How to Create Joy While Living Your IVF Journey?

The moment I shared my IVF story; the love & support showed me I was not alone in my journey. I decided it was time to share my IVF journey to let other IVF Warrior Princesses know they are not alone.

Napa Valley Girl Mustard Season

Napa Valley Living!

Hola Belleza, I am Wendy Barba, aka your #NapaVale girl. I will be bringing a bit of Napa into your life. Y por su puesto con un poquito de esa chispa Venezolana.  I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela.  In 1990, I moved to sunny South Florida. Woops… did I give my age away?!  I’ve wanted to …

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